From door-to-door, our consultants receive a bespoke logistics support service that meets with our clients’ timetables in order to delivery efficiency, economy and continuity of service. It is our firm belief that if consultants’ and clients’ needs are met in a desirable way, this promotes longevity of service, harmonious relations and generally good levels of productivity. We look after the small stuff so our clients and our consultants don’t have to. The Ministry of Labour has a clear understanding of our business, and therefore visa processing is speedy, compliant and efficient.  All logistics are run out of Aberdeen, using a network of travel agents to move people from the most remote regions to their theatre of work. Communication and reporting with line managers ensures seamless operations to meet crew changes and flights. A thorough understanding of the oil & gas business operations is critical, and logistics personnel visit the region regularly to catch up with project managers to ensure that processes are joined up and operating smoothly.